Constitution of the Student Chapter of the American Library Association (SCALA)

Emporia State University


Name, Purpose, and Membership

Section 1. The name of this organization will be the Student Chapter of the American Library Association (SCALA) of Emporia State University.

Section 2. The purpose of SCALA shall be:

2.1 To promote respect for and an interest in librarianship as a profession.

2.2 To generate interest in information professions.

2.3 To foster professional growth among membership.

2.4 To expand professional horizons of membership through opportunities that will enrich minds and experience.

2.5 To foster a sense of professional responsibility in members and promote a high ethical standard for all information professionals.

2.6 To encourage members to work for the improvement of library service and library science education at Emporia State University.

2.7 To encourage members to work with others so that the continuation of excellence in the School of Library and Information Management is ensured.

2.8 To facilitate communication between students, faculty and alumni.

2.9 To provide social activities, professional development experiences and service opportunities for members.

Section 3. Membership

3.1 Membership in this organization is open to all students of Emporia State University.

3.2 No person shall, on the grounds of race, creed, color, national origin, religion, age, sex, sexual orientation, Vietnam Era Veteran status, or such other factors that cannot be considered lawfully, be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be subjected to discrimination under any program or activity within this organization.

3.3 Membership terminates when the student is no longer enrolled.


Officer Qualifications, Designations, and Duties

Section 1. All officers must be degree-seeking students of Emporia State University and members of the American Library Association (ALA).

Section 2. The Executive Council shall consist of the following:

2.1 President

2.2 Vice-President

2.3 Secretary

2.4 Treasurer

2.5 Events Coordinator

2.6 Web Master

2.7 Cohort Representatives

2.8 Alumni Relations Representative

Section 3. The Purpose of the Executive Council:

3.1 Shall be the planning and legislative body.

3.2 Shall fulfill the policies enacted by this organization.

3.3 Shall have the power to initiate programs and activities for all members.

3.4 Shall have the power to direct grievances and resolutions to the members.

Section 4. Duties of the President:

4.1 Shall preside over all executive meetings.

4.2 Shall hold organizational meetings at least once a month, formal or informal.

4.3 Shall act as or appoint the official host and representative of this organization in campus functions.

4.4 Shall be responsible for implementing legislation enacted by the organization.

4.5 Shall be responsible, with the consultation of the Executive Council, to see that this Constitution is adhered to.

4.6 Shall have the power to call emergency meetings when necessary.

4.7 Shall turn in an officer update sheet to Associated Student Government Senate Operation committee Chair after each election.

4.8 Shall organize speakers to represent SCALA at SLIM New Student Orientations.

Section 5. Duties of the Vice-President:

5.1 Shall fulfill the duties of the president as stated in Section 4 during the absence of the president. Shall assume the role of President, if President leaves before regularly scheduled election.

5.2 Shall oversee the committees of this organization.

5.3 Shall preside over elections.

5.4 Shall be responsible for organizing one community project per year.

5.5 Shall be the contact for the distance cohort representatives.

Section 6. Duties of the Secretary:

6.1 Shall be responsible for maintaining accurate minutes of all meetings.

6.2 Shall be responsible for correspondence to other organizations and individuals.

6.3 Shall publicize meetings.

6.4 Shall be responsible for the creation and distribution of semi-monthly newsletters.

Section 7. Duties of the Treasurer:

7.1 Shall keep a record of finances of the organization.

7.2 Shall give a financial report at each meeting.

7.3 Shall be responsible for coordinating one fundraising activity per year.

7.4 Shall be responsible for dispersal of funds with the approval of the Executive Council.

7.5 Shall be responsible for completing the ASG allocation process.

7.6 Must live in Emporia, Kansas.

Section 8. Duties of the Events Coordinator:

8.1 Shall promote social interaction and fellowship among the students.

8.2 Shall be present at all social events in their area.

8.3 Must coordinate at least one social function or community service activity in their area per semester, such as library tours, guest speaker events, and so on.

Section 9.  Duties of the Web Master:

9.1 Shall be in charge of the organization’s web page and social media.

9.2 Shall keep the website and social media accounts up-to-date and current.

9.3 Shall assist with all SCALA technology needs.

Section 10.  Duties of the Cohort Representatives:

10.1 Shall promote SCALA at each of SLIM’s locations.

10.2 Shall speak about SCALA to new students at orientation in their area.

10.3 Shall direct SCALA social functions and community service in their area.

10.4 Number of representatives shall not exceed two per cohort.

10.5 Each Cohort Representative shall coordinate and/or attend at least one social function or community service activity in their area each semester.

Section 11.  Duties of the Alumni Relations Representative:

11.1 Shall act as the liaison between SCALA and ESU SLIM alumni.

11.2 Shall work with ESU SLIM faculty, staff, and the ESU Alumni Association to better connect alumni with current students.

11.3 Shall be responsible for coordinating one current student and alumni event per year.

Section 12. Participation of Officers:

12.1 All officers are required to attend monthly Executive Council Meetings.

12.2 Dates and times of Executive Council meetings will be decided by a majority response survey, initiated by the President.

12.3 If an officer is unable to attend a monthly meeting, they must contact the President in advance.

12.4 Repeated non-participation by any officer is grounds for officer removal.

12.5 All officers and representatives must coordinate and/or attend at least one social function or community service activity in their area each semester.


Election Rules and Regulations

Section 1. Election of officers will be held on a yearly basis on the following schedule.

1.1 The Presidential election will be held at the end of the spring term.

1.2 The election for Executive Officers and the Alumni Relations Representative will be held at the beginning of the fall term.

1.3 Cohort Representatives will be elected at the beginning of their location’s school


1.4 Second-year cohorts will have the opportunity to re-elect representatives when

the newest cohort starts.

Section 3. This election will utilize a ballot, with a simple majority determining the winner.


Removal and Succession

Section 1. Removal

1.1 Violation of or disregard for any part of this constitution or the organization shall be grounds for removal charges against any of the elected officers and representatives.

1.2 The general membership shall vote on the removal resolution.

1.3 Removal shall be accomplished by a 2/3 majority of those members physically or virtually present.

1.4 Removal proceedings may be initiated by any voting member.

Section 2. Succession

2.1 In the event of removal, resignation, or vacancy of any elected officer, a special election shall be held to fill that position, except in the case of the President, as the Vice President will assume the role of President until the next regularly scheduled election. The role of Vice President will be open to a special election.



Section 1. Membership in SCALA is free.

Section 2. Money shall be raised to provide funding for the sponsoring of events, programming, promotions of the organization, and social activities.

Section 3. Up to 70% of fundraising revenues may be used to supplement travel expenses for conference attendees.



Section 1. Any amendment to this constitution must be approved by a 2/3 majority vote of those members present and voting.

1.1 Any amendment(s) must be reviewed by the Student Organizations & Activities staff for submission to the Associated Student Government Student Senate to become a part of the recognized student organization’s official constitution.

Updated 8/2017