The Student Chapter of the American Library Association (SCALA) at Emporia State University is dedicated to the educational, professional, service, and social enrichment of the students of the School of Library and Information Management (SLIM) program. Memership in SCALA is free, and American Library Association (ALA) membership, while not required, is encouraged. Officers consist of SLIM students, and elections for officers are held in the fall. SCALA encourages active member involvement in planning and directing group activities, which include library tours, service opportunities, social events, and much, much more. The group’s focus is broad-based, and SCALA strives to design resources and activities to benefit SLIM students interested in all aspects of librarianship and the information profession.

Mission Statement:

  • To promote respect for and interest in librarianship as a profession.
  • To generate interest in information professions.
  • To foster professional growth among membership.
  • To expand professional horizons of membership through opportunities that will enrich minds and experience.
  • To develop in members a sense of professional responsibility.
  • To foster a sense of professional responsibility in members and promote a high ethical standard for all information professionals.
  • To encourage members to work for the improvement of library service and library science education at Emporia State University.
  • To encourage members to work with others so that the continuation of excellence in the School of Library and Information Management is ensured.
  • To facilitate communication between students and faculty and to provide social activities for members.

Vision Statement:

The Student Chapter of the American Library Association and the Special Libraries Association of Emporia State University is dedicated to serving the students and faculty at Emporia State University.

The visions and concepts that support our endeavors include:

  • building leaders and listeners
  • encouraging creativity and reengineering
  • giving everyone a voice regardless of age, gender, race, or physical abilities
  • promoting global, environmental, and social concerns
  • motivating
  • sparking
  • innovating

Please see our constitution for information on officers and duties.

Please send correspondence to:

Emporia State University
School of Library and Information Management
Campus Box 4025
1 Kellogg Circle
Emporia, KS 66801