Siegfried “Fred” Ruschin

Some figures discussed in the Names to Know series are not valuable to be known for their contributions to SLIM so much as the story of their life or their impact on the profession. The subject of this edition is one such figure. Siegfried Ruschin attended the school of library science from 1958-60 and did … Continue reading Siegfried “Fred” Ruschin

Names to Know: Who was Elsie Pine?

 Great Library School Instructor; Founder of SCALA It is very possible that you have gone through your entire time with SLIM and never heard of the name Elsie Pine.  It isn’t remarkable that you haven’t?  After all, Elsie retired from ESU’s School of Librarianship 70 years ago; she began working at ESU during the Great … Continue reading Names to Know: Who was Elsie Pine?