ESU Scala would like to announce the winner of our 2017-2018 Presidential Election Brady Lund.  For the past year Brady has been Treasurer of ESU Scala and is currently also a GA for SLIM and a Graduate School Senator to the Associated Student Government at ESU.

Please see below for a personal message.

“Thank you to everyone who participated in our Presidential election. We had tremendous turnout that is truly representative of how strong and impactful our student organization is within our school.  I look forward to continuing that success in the year to come by reaching out to all of our students and alumni and forming a cohesive network centered around our organization. I hope that every one of you, no matter how far away or how experienced you are, will feel welcome to participate in our organization, to make your voice heard, and seek a leadership role. It is one of the most important things we can do in the world today, to seek and spread enlightenment, to engage with the world around us, and to make an impact on our community. I hope you will find SCALA to be a resource as you seek entry into the field of professional librarianship, and will take advantage of the many opportunities we strive to provide our members.”

brady (1)



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