The SCALA Spring Library Tours have been finalized!

UPDATE: We’ve added a mini-tour!  Come visit the new Lyon County History (LCHC) facility with us at 3pm on Friday, April 7th.  We’ll be meeting beforehand to have lunch together at Casa Ramos at 1pm.  And there’s even an exciting opportunity to volunteer afterwards with a fun Cub Scout event!  Sign up for the LCHC tour and/or lunch and/or volunteering here.

Join us for the Lawrence, KS Library Tour Day on Friday, April 14th.  We’ll visit the Kenneth Spencer Research Library at the University of Kansas, the Lawrence Public Library and the Northeast Library System.  Sign up for the Lawrence Library tour here.

Join us for the Denver, CO Library Tour Day on Saturday, April 22nd.  We’ll visit the Denver Women’s Correctional Facility (DWCF) Library, the Stephen H. Hart Library & Research Center at History Colorado, and the Central Branch of Denver Public Library.   Sign up for the Denver Library tour here.  Please note this tour has some special requirements:

  • We’ll be charging two new/like new picture books per student as an admission price for the Colorado tour.  The books will support the DWCF Read to the Children Project, which you can learn more about by clicking here.  During our tour, we’ll get the chance to speak with women who have participated in the project and learn about its impact firsthand.  If donating these books will be a difficulty for you, please reach out to  Thank you for supporting this important initiative to connect children and their parents!
  • Students will be required to submit a copy of their current valid driver’s license in order to visit the DWCF.  Please email to no later than Monday, April 3rd.

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