We’re excited to announce that conference assistance for ALA Annual this summer AND spring regional conferences in your area is now available!  Is there an upcoming conference or workshop in your state that you’d like to attend?  Do you dream of taking a plane to Chicago this summer for the biggest library conference of the year?  Submit your simple SCALA application to jfredri2@g.emporia.edu by Monday, February 20th for consideration.  We’ll notify recipients shortly thereafter.

Please note that 2 students will be awarded $800 each in assistance for ALA Annual.  Regional conference assistance is dependent upon a variety of factors (e.g. registration cost, mileage, etc.) and therefore awards will vary.  If you’re applying for a regional conference or workshop in your state of residence this spring, please make sure the conference date takes place no later than May 20th.

Access the ESU SCALA Conference Assistance Application.

Learn more about ALA Annual 2017.

Check out the Events Calendar to see some upcoming conferences in your state.  If there’s a conference we don’t know about, let us know and we’ll add it!


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