Welcome new Colorado and Overland Park Students!  Do you enjoy working with a fabulous team?  Would you like to grow your leadership skills?  Consider serving your fellow students as a Distance Cohort SCALA Representative!  It’s a fun job that entails many opportunities for networking, professional development and community service!

Section 10. Duties of the Cohort Representatives

10.1 Shall promote SCALA at the distance locations.

10.2 Shall speak about SCALA to new students at orientation in their area.

10.3 Shall direct all SCALA social functions and community service in their area.

10.4 Number of representatives shall not exceed two per cohort.

10.5 Each Cohort Representative must coordinate and/or attend at least one social function or community service activity in their area each semester.

If interested, please email Jessica Fredrickson at jfredri2@g.emporia.edu with a short bio and picture by Friday, January 27th.  Please be sure to include your cohort year and location (e.g. Colorado 2016).  Elections will be held shortly thereafter.

Questions?  Join in the conversation on Facebook, or contact a current officer or cohort representative.  We’re happy to chat about how awesome our jobs are!  🙂


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