12 SLIM students from the Colorado cohorts took over the libraries of Golden on Saturday, August 20th!  We visited a special, public, and academic library.

Our first stop of the day was the American Alpine Club, where we visited the Henry S. Hall Jr. Library.  This amazing special collection of mountaineering, hiking and more is a subscription library currently run by one talented lady!  Katie Sauter wears many hats, including librarian, preservationist and museum director.  Many items in the 50,000+ collection date from the early 1900’s and still have the New York Public Library stamps.  We saw some pretty amazing artifacts and books, including one of the first veterinary anatomical books ever printed in 1551.  Some of the collection has been digitized.  You can check out the online archives and learn more about this amazing library at https://americanalpineclub.org/library/.

Oh yes, we also got to see a famous pair of socks!

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We hopped over to Golden Library next.  Golden is a newly remodeled Jefferson County Public Library.  We learned about the new JCPL service model and how it impacted both the new space in Golden and their services/staff structure.  While the library was closed for 12 weeks, the dedicated staff continued to provide services in the parking lot and at various locations in the city.

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The final stop was at the Arthur Miller academic library at the School of Mines.  Outreach librarian Christopher J. Thury led us on a fascinating tour and also shared many insights into the life of an academic librarian.

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Students replied that they enjoyed the opportunity to network, connect with classmates and get exposure to different library types.  Thanks for joining us for a wonderful day!  Stay tuned for more great SCALA events in the future.

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