SCALA is now accepting officer nominations for the 2016-2017 school year. The available positions are:

  • Vice President
    • Shall fulfill the duties of the president as stated in Section 4 during the absence of the president.
    • Shall oversee the committees of this organization.
    • Shall preside over elections.
    • Shall be responsible for organizing one community project per year.
    • Shall act as a representative for distance programs.
    • Shall be the contact for the distant President/Chairs.
  • Secretary
    • Shall be responsible for maintaining accurate minutes of all meetings.
    • Shall be responsible for correspondence to other organizations and individuals.
    • Shall publicize meetings.
  • Treasurer
    • Must be based in Emporia.
    • Shall keep a record of finances of the organization.
    • Shall give a financial report at each meeting.
    • Shall be responsible for coordinating one fundraising activity per year.
    • Shall be responsible for dispersal of funds with the approval of the Executive Council.
    • Shall be responsible for completing ASG allocation process.
  • Events Coordinator
    • Shall promote social interaction and fellowship among the students.
    • Shall be present at all social events.
  • Web Master
    • Shall be in charge of the organization’s web page.
    • Shall keep the website up-to-date and current.
    • Shall assist with all SCALA technology needs.

Self-nominations are encouraged! Feel free to run for more than one office. Nominations are due September 6th. Elections will be held September 12-16.

To run for office, fill out the following form:


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