The votes have been tallied and we have our next SCALA President! Congratulations to Jessica Frederickson on becoming the new SCALA President for the 2016-2017 school year! Thank you to everyone who voted.

profile pic“Hello there! My name is Jessica Fredrickson. I’m a teacher turned “library lady” (as the kiddos call me at storytime). Like many of you, I turned to this career after trying something else first. During the course of my first career, I enjoyed serving on my college’s student chapter for the Association for Early Childhood Education International. I strongly believe that membership and participation within professional organizations is key for development and growth.

Also like many of you, I’m passionate about literacy, lifelong learning and making a difference in the community. As president, I will bring those passions to SCALA. I will work to connect the cohort members in meaningful ways. One of my goals is to create a “shadow program,” in which SCALA could connect current students with alumni, so that students just starting out could have the opportunity to observe librarians in a variety of fields; but I would also like to learn more about what each individual cohort needs. Lastly, I would also lead efforts in organizing SCALA as a force for good in our respective communities, including coordinating more volunteer opportunities.”


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