we want you

Calling all current Emporia cohort SLIM students who are interested in serving as a SCALA officer: we are holding elections for President and Vice President of SCALA. This is a great opportunity to become more involved in SCALA and get some leadership experience.

Please email Brigid at breeves5@g.emporia.edu if you’d like to nominate yourself for either of these positions. Include a brief bio and a paragraph about why you would be a great candidate for the position. Nominations are due January 15th.

Duties of the President:

  • Preside over all Kansas meetings
  • Hold organizational meetings at least once a month, formal or informal
  • Act as the official host and representative of this organization in campus functions
  • Be responsible for implementing legislation enacted by the organization
  • Be responsible to see that the constitution is adhered to
  • Has the power to call emergency meetings when necessary
  • Turn in an officer update sheet to Associated Student Government Senate Operation Committee Chair after each elections
  • Speak about SCALA at SLIM New Student Orientations

Duties of the Vice-President:

  • Fulfill the duties of the president as stated above in absence of the president
  • Oversee the committees of the organization
  • Preside over elections
  • Responsible for organizing one community project per year
  • Act as a representative for distance programs
  • Is the contact for the distant representatives

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