On Public Libraries Online this week, there were two blog posts on physical and mental health.  I wonder if this is an area we tend to overlook too often and, to some degree, at our peril.  What do we do to take care of ourselves?  As we move into our working lives, it becomes rather important to make sure we can continue in the best form we can muster, right?

The first post is from a colleague in Colorado Springs, CO, Rebecca Cruz and is on stress management.  While librarianship may not be on par with managing stock portfolios on Wall Street, the profession does carry its own stressors and we would be wise to give them due attention.

The second post is from yours truly and concerns of sedentary work habits.  While it may be nice to not have to be on our feet all day, sedentary work habits should be of great concern.  If we are physically hampered, our ability to serve others may be as well.


Kael Moffat

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