I can’t resist good satire. Shoot me…even when it makes fun of something I like. At one time I did have an iPhone and liked it alright…but when I found out how much less data plans were for other phones, I didn’t worry about replacing it when it went on the fritz.

I have been interested in the recent Apple v. Samsung bruhaha and in the Android vs. iOS argument. My wife has an Android (Samsung Galaxy2) and has seemed to have far fewer problems than I had with my iPhone3. In our information supersaturated society, these arguments do have consequences for us in the IS field. How will our patrons/clients access information? How will they share it? How will they need help and communicate that need?

Of course, we can only really speculate on how these questions will work themselves out. In the absence of a more substantial contribution to the debate, let me offer you the chance to laugh. Here are some funny videos that obviously favor the Android system…but if you smile, it’s worth it! = )

Hitler calls Apple customer service:

Hitler hates iOS6 Maps (These first two are from a recent German biopic on Hitler, staring the incomparable Bruno Ganz.):

I want an iPhone4 (Sure, this one’s a bit old…but its comment on the power and irrationality of branding is still in play!  Forewarning: The language is a bit high school.  Sorry.):

Ah, it you can’t laugh at technology, then what can you do with it?
-Kael Moffat

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