For those of us looking at the archival side of things, preservation is a huge issue. For everyone (whether they admit it or not), preservation is a huge issue with digital media. Take e-readers for example. In under a year Barnes & Noble has released not 2, but 3 new e-readers. Now luckily, they all take the same file format. However, the cometing Amazon Kindle does not (and they are right now the B&N heels for device releases). When is the file format going to change? What happens if the company goes under while I have a book “archived” in their database instead of downloaded to my device? Storage and preservation of media is a huge issue. When I buy new movies I also like to make sure that I get the physical and digital copies. I am an infamous DVD scratcher. (It’s just in my nature.) How do libraries and archives adapt to the ever-more-rapidly changing technological needs of our patrons? I know this is a topic we discuss in every class, but I truly believe that we can’t think about it too much. We have to know what we are getting ourselves in to when we go out into the “real world.”

Also, sidebar, who is ready to go into the “real world”? How are you going about it? Which network contacts have you found the most useful? What job sites or companies seem to be working out be best for you? Share the love with your fellow classmates that may have a semester or two left. Don’t send yourself, or anyone else, out unprepared if you can help it.


One thought on “Preservation & The Real World

  1. All the “new” technological equipment that is offered from numerous sources is unbelievable and is fast out-pacing the practical knowledge needed to “keep up.” I’m considering an iPad as a source for my “books” and yet, do I get the iPad 2 or 3? This is the question of the hour — as will the 2 be obsolete soon and not be able to accommodate the “books” I store? And is it best then to store EVERYTHING in the iCloud? Will this source answer the questions I have?

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