The Kansas Library Association Conference is coming up soon!  It will be held in Topeka from April 6-8.  The theme for this year’s conference is “Share the Vision”.  You can find out more information on the conference from the website.

SLIM is hosting a poster session on Thursday, April 7 at KLA.  If you submit a poster, SLIM will cover the student registration fee.  You must be a student member of KLA to receive the student registration rate.  The cost for registration is $30.  If you are not a member, SLIM will only cover $30 of your registration cost.  Students will be reimbursed the registration fee after the conference.  In order to register, please visit the registration page.

If you wish to participate in the poster session, you must email by Friday, March 25.  You do not need to have a completed poster at that time, but SLIM would like to know how many students plan on attending.

With this poster session, SLIM students will share the vision, mission, and purpose of Kansas libraries as they respond to social, economic, and technological challenges.

Here are a few resources for creating a poster:
Article from Library Student Journal
Flickr account with examples of academic posters

This would be a great opportunity to extend your learning and network with professionals in the library field.  It also looks great on a resume!


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