Dr. Singh joined the SLIM faculty in the Fall of 2009, and we asked him about his experiences as an instructor thus far, his professional research, and his visions for the future. Dr. Singh grew up in Lucknow, India, where he completed much of his education. He received his PhD in Information Studies in Finland at Åbo Akademi University. Before joining SLIM, Dr. Singh taught both Management and Research Methods at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver. He said that he has always loved research, writing, and publishing so becoming a professor was a natural fit. Dr. Singh said that since coming to SLIM, he has enjoyed learning about the hybrid teaching environment (classes that are a combination of online and face-to-face instruction). “The challenge still remains the same: i.e. to provide students with a good learning experience whether it is a face-to-face or hybrid or totally online course. Most of the learning happens in the discussion forum, and it is my dream to create an online community in my courses where people exchange and enrich each others’ ideas.”

In his professional research, Dr. Singh has specialized in the marketing of library and information services. Recently, he has been awarded an ESU grant for his research on the branding culture of Kansas libraries: http://slim.emporia.edu/index.php/dr-rajesh-singhawarded-esu-research-grant/. The goal of this research is “identifying opportunities for improving the overall library experience for Kansas library communities.” In relation to his recent experiences at SLIM, Dr. Singh also declared that he is “fascinated with this new hybrid teaching culture. I think I will start doing some research in this area sooner rather than later as there is enough potential to do some interesting and useful work.” It will be exciting to see how his career with SLIM and his research progress.

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