On June 12, students from SLIM were able to share in a learning experience with students from the University of Missouri’s School of Information Science and Learning Technologies (SISLT). The groups joined together to visit the new National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) facility in the Union Station District of Kansas City.
Approximately 20 students from both programs were given a guided tour through the restored Adams Express Building and its state-of-the-art archival stacks.  The new building also includes extensive exhibition areas which were lacking in the former facility.  The two primary exhibits that the students viewed detailed the Kansas-Nebraska Act and regionally significant events and personalities.
Brian Moss, a recent SLIM graduate said of the new location, “The new facility is a vast improvement over the old one. It has a lot of space for researchers, as well as for displays, and I think the new location is going to be great for improving NARA’s visibility within the community.”
The experience was doubly valuable to the students as they not only learned more about professional techniques and opportunities but also mingled with peers from another school.  SLIM looks forward to participating in future events where students from around the region can share in ideas and friendship.


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