Interview and Resume Workshop Review

by Amanda Luke

I really enjoyed the workshop with SCALA. The panel discussion was the most valuable part of the day. Having the opportunity to talk with career librarians about their experiences both as hiring managers and as individuals who have gone through the hiring process was very helpful. These are some of the tips and tricks they suggested that stuck with me.

Cover Letter

  • Edit, Edit, Edit! Grammar and punctuation are important
  • Take cues from the position description
  • Do NOT hand write an application that is online
  • If it is an out-of-state job make it clear you are willing to move
  • Talk about how your skills will enhance the job or institution

Curriculum Vitae (CV) or Resume

  • CV’s can be longer than resumes
  • They should both be well organized
  • Don’t have to be in chronological order
  • Customize for the job


  • Do your research!
  • Know about the institution
  • Wear school colors in your interview outfit
  • It’s always better to be over dressed
  • Hide any tattoos
  • No weak handshakes
  • Open, friendly body language
    • Lean forward
    • Eye contact
    • Smile
  • Make a connection with everyone
  • Own the room
  • It’s your interview (you were chosen to be there! Don’t forget that)
  • Let them know you want to be there!
  • Don’t go on and on when answering questions
  • Anticipate answers (practice)
  • Have water
  • Don’t fidget
  • Don’t ask obvious questions
  • Don’t zone out
  • Know current trends in the field
  • Know the institution
  • Think of it as a conversation rather than an interrogation
  • Know your weakness. Over stating a strength is a good technique
  • Any job is library experience
  • Tell a story, illustrate things with an example
  • Know why you want to work at THAT job, not just in a library, and DO NOT say it is because you like to read
  • Be ready to answer “what are you reading?”
  • Look up possible questions
  • Know what your research interests are
  • There is usually very little salary wiggle room, don’t bring it up at the interview that will come later
  • Send thank you emails/notes (reiterate qualifications, ask questions)

SCALA Interview and Resume Workshop – Recordings and Notes

The SCALA Interview and Resume Workshop took place on Saturday, April 11th. Recordings are available via Adobe Connect for the following sessions:

For notes from the workshop, please go to the “Resources for Job Seekers” tab above and select a topic from the drop-down menu. More notes will be added over the next few weeks. Links for job searching websites and ESU Career Services are located on the main “Resources for Job Seekers” page.

SCALA Students Going to ALA National Conference 2015


SCALA received several strong applications from students to attend the ALA National Conference in San Francisco this summer. We usually try to send four individuals (one from each location) to this event, but, due to significant funding cuts from the Associated Student Government, we are only able to send two SCALA members to the ALA National Conference.

This year’s attendees will be Rachel MIles and Cynorra Jackson. Please congratulate them on this awesome opportunity.

Rachel and Cynorra will be representing ESU SCALA at various events while also attending sessions they find pertinent to their own library careers. Rachel and Cynorra will share their experiences with new students at the Emporia orientation in August and will also be writing a short blog post for this website.

Congratulations, Rachel and Cynorra!